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Birthdate:Feb 16
Name: Layla Williams
Age: 25
Fandom: Sky High


Layla is a superhero. She went to school, did the time and learned the skills needed to defend mankind. However, even superhero high school is still high school and her life was caught up in the drama of the day. She's a strong willed, convicted girl who grew up to be the same kind of woman. She believes in the goodness of mankind and the harmony they can achieve with nature. Her power, the ability to control plant life, only solidifies this more for her. Her mother, also a superhero, can speak to animals. She's sweet, kind hearted and shy but knows where she stands and does not easily waver. Matters of the heart? Well, that's a different story.

After the eventual break up of her and her best friend become boyfriend, they had reached a kind agreement. Will was destined to be great, bringing in all the attention and he'd enjoy it, too. Layla's goals in life were too different for that kind of relationship and so she chose to go on and pursue her dreams. Having gone to school for hollistic medicine, she still continues to study and hope to someday be able to get her doctorate. For now, she works in a practice, assisting until she can learn all their is to know about helping those around her.

She hasn't lost her love for the rain forests, but she's simply taking her time. Just because she can control plants, doesn't mean she wouldn't be needing help and for that, just any old person would be perfect. No powers required.
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